Polly helps you with
the organisation
of your knowledge

Getting started with your knowledge base

A knowledge base is more than a collection of questions and answers. Polly helps you with the organisation of your knowledge and with the optimal use of the knowledge management software.

Our mindset

We focus on giving the right answer, always and everywhere, as quickly as possible. Not only for consumers, but also for employees of service or sales teams. Where there are questions, we look for the answer.



What is the reason for the project?
What positive change is it expect to deliver?

  • One knowledge base as the single source of truth
  • Consistent responses through all contact channels
  • A significant improvement in quality of customer service across all touch points
  • A significant increase in employee effectiveness within the entire organisation

Business Goals

How is the company expected to benefit? What problem will it solve?

  • Increase in customer- and employee satisfaction
  • Improved information provisioning and consistency across all channels
  • Reduce contact center volume via self-service
  • More efficient service in the contact center


Where to deploy the knowledge base? Is integration needed?

  • External knowledge portal as FAQ on website
  • Contextual widgets on various pages of website
  • Internal knowledge portal for contact center agents
  • Integrated knowledge portal in third party system

Knowledge organisation

Who are responsible for KB success and maintenance?

  • Knowledge base administrator role
  • Knowledge base manager role
  • Subject matter expert roles
  • Internal knowledge management process

Target groups

Who will use the knowledge base? Content profiling needed?

  • Website visitors
  • First level agents
  • Senior agents
  • Internal employees

Knowledge domain

What will be the scope of the knowledge base? Multilingual?

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Problem diagnoses
  • Work instructions
  • Various knowledge domains
  • Multilingual


When will parts be delivered? What is the project plan?

  • R1: External knowledge portal as FAQ on website
  • R2: Contextual widgets on various website pages
  • R3: Internal knowledge portal for contact center
  • R4: Integrated knowledge portal in CRM


Collect the actual customer questions asked and other knowledge that you may already have in existing documents or systems. This way you know which questions and corresponding answers will need to be added to your knowledge base.


Questions and answers collected? Publish your knowledge online for customers and employees! Determine collections and define the knowledge base structure. This will enable customers to quickly find the right answer to their question.


Analyse the knowledge base performance reports. What are your customers looking for? Which articles are getting poor feedback? Which customers queries do not provide results? Use this information to improve your knowledge base.


Adapt your knowledge base, add articles or remove questions that are never asked. With the information from your statistics and feedback loops, you continuously improve your knowledge base to make it better and more valuable.

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