About Polly

Team Polly and the
partner network

Polly and certified partners provide professional services for knowledge management design, implementation, training and project management. We strongly believe in knowledge management and its importance to organizations:

  • Knowledge management is a proven approach to maximizing the business value of knowledge within an organization.
  • Knowledge management initiatives that are focused on meeting well-defined strategic objectives and are based on implementation of best practices, provide significant and predictable ROI.
  • Knowledge management initiatives contribute to long-term competitive advantage by improving customer experience.

Polly executive team

  • Richard Kiewiet
    Richard Kiewiet Product Owner
  • Stefan Mackaaij
    Stefan Mackaaij Senior Business Consultant
  • Cees Zwezerijn
    Cees Zwezerijn CEO & Founder
  • Peter Vleugels
    Peter Vleugels COO

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