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Football club

Large football club from Amsterdam scores with Polly

What do fans look for? Which questions do they ask the most? The online software of Polly contributes to the digital strategy of a large football club from Amsterdam. “In large competitions, we may need more questions in the online knowledge base. That growth is no problem for Polly. ”

Within the club, the fanteam is the first point of contact for the fans. They answer phone calls, emails, whatsapp messages and messages via social media. This involves questions about visiting a competition, purchasing products or questions about a specific competition. “We score very high on commitment, friendliness, helpfulness and expertise, especially when compared to similar contact centers,” the club says.

“The online system fits well with the digital strategy of our organisation. The information provision should appeal to every fan: from the youngest generation to the oldest, in which way they want to have their question answered. One person will want to find an answer on the website, the other would rather call. Polly fits in this strategy. “

Previously, the club used a static FAQ on the website, with a top 5 of most frequently asked questions. That still had to be processed manually. Polly provides insight: what do visitors find most interesting? “The flexibility and user-friendlyness of the tool are reasons why we use it. It unburdens the fanteam by answering online questions. ”

Guiding a supporter to the appropriate answer, using a decision tree, is a typical added value according to the club. Luckily,it doesn’t matter how much questions are answered online since each additional question asked does not result in extra costs, this in contrary to a phone call or other live contact.

What does the club appreciate in Polly? “Polly is very flexible. We have filed several product enhancements requests to improve our procedures. They have almost immediately added these enhancements in the system. The willingness to help, dotting the i’s, that makes the difference for us. They are involved by showing new updates and have onsite workshops to further improve our business case. “Another big advantage: for large matches we can occasionally need more articles. Scaling up or down is no problem for Polly. That is a big advantage for us.”

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