Customer story

It cuts both ways for Polly and Prospeqtive

Prospeqtive is specialised in improving acquisition and customer contact for its customers. With the help of Polly’s software for customer contact, Prospeqtive can provide even better services.

Multichannel customer contact”, as director Angelique Wijnen describes the services of Prospeqtive. Live chat, e-mail, telephony, webcare and social media, Prospeqtive provides that customers of its customers are approached passionately¬†on all these channels and where it can support immediately.

Prospeqtive is focused on long-term partnerships and Polly is one of those partners. The greatest gain Wijnen has achieved with this partnership is that adding knowledge and making it available was not that simple before. FAQs on the website of its customers can easily be fed by her own specialised team, which means that even more customers will find answers the first time. This increases the quality of service provided by both Prospeqtive and its own customers.

Polly and Prospeqtive are partners where it cuts both ways. Prospeqtive packages the services of Polly in its customer package and Polly optimises Prospeqtive’s services. “We are not focused on volumes, but have clearly opted for a high-quality profiling,” Wijnen proudly explains.

Wijnen adds that working with the people of Polly is extremely pleasant: “Everything is negotiable and they think along with us extensively.” This is also evident from the scalability of Polly’s services. Large corporations as well as small web shops can quickly be up and running, partly because of the high user-friendliness of the software. Among others, through the partnership with Polly, Prospeqtive customers praise their passion, involvement, mutual thinking and the preconception of customer interests.

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