Customer story
BCC Netherlands

Offers superior customer service with Polly

Customers can contact BCC Customer Service for all their technical questions about equipment and multimedia. BCC uses the Polly Knowledge Management Platform to ensure that the agents in the stores’ Customer Service department and those operating online all have access to the same up-to-date information. The results are: superior customer service and improved communication between the retail stores and the online operation.

All customer inquiries are handled by the online Customer Service department. If customers aren’t able to find an answer online, they can also contact the Helpdesk at each of the 71 stores. Since the implementation of Polly KM platform, more people have had their questions answered through the web Help Center. According to Customer Service Manager Sander Kouwenhoven, Polly is directly responsible for a considerable increase in customer satisfaction.


Before Polly the biggest challenge the Department had was retaining customers who would leave because they were unable to find what they needed on the website. Thanks to the robust search capabilities of Polly there has been a dramatic increase in first-level resolutions. The BCC Helpdesks are also benefiting from the solution: they can handle chat inquires faster and respond more accurately in cases when a search term not found.

The previous static online FAQ section has been replaced by a dynamic, contextualised and highly accurate content search that has resulted in fewer escalations to voice agents. The result is Polly has automated portion of web self-service.

Another important consequence of the implementation of Polly is consistency when communicating with customers regardless of the their chosen channel of interaction. Communication is not only simplified with customers but also between online and instore Customer Care reps.

BCC indicates that it greatly appreciates the commitment, skill and the think-along ability of Polly. The delivered software is experienced as “easy, fast, user friendly and good.”

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