Customer story

Attractive and clear information provisioning within Timing

Timing receives many front-line questions from different employers. An online information service with the Polly Platform on the back-end helps reduce the number of questions escalated to agency employees and at the same time delivers clear, consistent answers to the inquiries.

Timing is an employment agency, but we also provide secondment and payroll. We work for business services “, says Willem-Jan Maasland, Application Executive. “We receive a lot of questions from our colleagues at locations. These are questions on behalf of clients and flex workers, for example about annual statements and collective labor agreements. But it also concerns questions about the operation of our systems.

Within the organisation Polly is an addition to the process to reduce front-line questions. “We want all employees in the organisation to make use of it. That means that the provision of information must be attractive. This way we can already capture incidents online before they are submitted. With Polly we ensure that questions have already been dealt with before they reach the service desk, “says Maasland. “With the system we also provide unambiguous answers, which always have the same high quality. The colleague has much more information on the spot. ”

Through a collaboration between different systems, including Polly, the organisation has reduced the average handle time of incidents enormously. Maasland: “In Polly we can use reports to see what people are looking for and where they drop out. That feedback is very valuable. Is the information provisioning sufficient and what is missing? Working with a knowledge system also means working differently with incidents: a incident is only handled once the obtained knowledge and information has also been added to the knowledge management system. ”

What does Timing appreciate in Polly? “Especially the ease of use. The interface is unambiguous “, says Maasland. “In addition, it is possible to link Polly to multiple places, both internally for service and externally on a website. It is a single source of information for all the places to share that information. ”

Maasland continues: “In addition, Polly’s team thinks along well. They act quickly and are easily accessible. They come with solutions and additions. They add product improvements free of charge; they are very keen on continuously improving the product. “

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