Knowledge Management

Polly provides an easy way to collect, manage and share knowledge for an improved Customer Experience on any channel and in any language across the enterprise.

• Eliminate information silos across the organization
• Improve customer experience (CX), satisfaction and loyalty
• Improve employee experience (EX), efficiency and handling time
• Improve robotic experience (RX), consistency and automation
• Find answers quickly with consistent content across channels
• Reports and analytics for insights and opportunities

AI-infused and multilingual knowledge management software

Knowledge management
for an improved CX across all channels

Organizations that effectively deploy feature-rich knowledge management are better equipped to create a positive customer experience. Polly provides an integrated, dynamic knowledge management solution for a
consistent, effortless omnichannel experience for all users.

The right answer every time

Efficient knowledge management

Polly as the foundational component for
CX strategies and roadmaps

Polly is a centralized knowledge management platform with lightning-fast natural language processing search technology and integral API, enabling AI-infused knowledge to be served consistently and accurately on public-facing websites, mobile apps, chat or voice bots, intranets, CRM and internal business systems.

Effective and simple knowledge management

Ensure the effectiveness of your knowledge base, empower agents to resolve issues, eliminate information silos, leverage and grow knowledge across your organization with Polly. Deliver significant improvements to your CX and your operations with a knowledge platform that provides the consistency and flexibility businesses demand.


Which questions are being asked? Which knowledge is already available?


Determine the structure, configure portals and add relevant content.


What are your customers searching for and which articles are poorly rated?


Expand the knowledge base, make it better and more valuable to everyone.

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