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November 2017

We have two major updates to announce for November: 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) and improved multilingual support.


First 2FA; obviously, security is always a priority. We have now added 2FA support for both the authors and buddies. 2FA is currently optional, but in the coming weeks we will roll out configuration options to make 2FA mandatory for your buddies in specific secure publication. Read this article to learn about 2FA and how to set it up.

We have also greatly improved multilingual knowledgebase support. It’s now possible to create a “parent” knowledgebase and link one or more “child” knowledgebases to the parent. This sets up a link between the knowledgebases which makes the management of multilingual content a lot easier. Read this article to learn about this feature and how to set it up.


Below is a list of all the changes implemented last month. As always, if you have any questions regarding any of the mentioned items, just let us know!




  • added 2FA for authors and buddies, including recovery codes
  • added improved multilingual knowledgebase support




  • default kb language is now set correctly based on owner profile language
  • improved screen layout styling when resizing and zooming the interface
  • changed the way we handle knowledgebase limits when creating
  • knowledgebases above your account limit




  • fixed portal article list showing hidden articles
  • fixed icon alignment and styling in signup forms
  • fixed knowledgebase import restoring deleted articles as active articles
  • fixed knowledgebase import generating incorrect errors regarding article limits
  • fixed publication styling displaying Arial as selected font instead of Roboto on initial creation
  • fixed contact us link in searchresults redirecting to homepage in Internet Explorer
  • fixed weird layout of actions panel in specific usecase
  • rowspan and colspan are now accepted html tags in articles
  • fixed issue where ctrl+C on article content would generate a draft status

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