What’s new:

December 2017

In the last few weeks we have improved the 2 Factor Authentication functionality and made it possible to make 2FA mandatory for specific portals. This option will greatly enhance the security for your knowledge base.

We have also added collection groups. Collection groups allow you to configure more advanced filtering and refinement possibilities for your helpcenter. With collection groups you can easily filter on article types, brands, products, country, process, difficulty, etc. Check out this article for more information about how to setup collection groups for your helpcenter.


Below is a list of all the changes implemented last month. As always, if you have any questions regarding any of the mentioned items, just let us know!




  • added collection groups functionality
  • added configuration option for secure portal publications to make 2FA mandatory
  • added a warning when users run out of 2FA recovery codes
  • full search analytics (instead of only top 5)




  • updated some titles and slogans for the secure portal
  • made pollyjs and pollycss integration script case insensitive




  • Polly would use paragraph instead of div tags after deleting all article content
  • insert image didn’t work in Internet Explorer 10 & 11
  • insert heading didn’t work in Internet Explorer 10 & 11
  • collection groups label on publication was missing in English language
  • sign-up form validation icons alignment were incorrect
  • guests couldn’t create new knowledge bases and start their trial
  • article “not visible anywhere” notice should not be displayed when published
  • in secure portal
  • portal invites was in incorrect language in some cases
  • knowledge base import gave error messages in some cases
  • inbox article planning item didn’t have an English label
  • Facebook integration didn’t work properly
  • wasn’t possible to import demo knowledge bases
  • Polly weekly subject was always in Dutch
  • article alignment styling wasn’t working properly

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